If you are interested in helping to enhance the lives of the Cle Elum 7, please visit this link, which provides a list of the types of gifts we can accept. Thank you so much for your support! As you can see from the blog, the chimps’ lives are enriched each day by your generous gifts.

If you are interested in helping us come up with more ideas for this page, please follow this link.

Below you will find a list of enrichment projects. Clicking on the provided check boxes will filter your results.


Type of Enrichment: Our ideas have been sorted into 5 main categories. Please note, some ideas fall into more than one category.


Material Type: Are you looking for items that are one time use or ideas that are more long lasting? Or maybe you would like to see enrichment made of only natural materials.


Assembly Requirements: How much skill is required to create this enrichment device?


Cost of Enrichment: 

We have fairly strict guidelines when in comes to enrichment items that we give to the chimpanzees at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest. These guidelines are based on what we’ve observed with our group of chimps. If you are creating enrichment for chimpanzees, it’s important to keep in mind that not all enrichment items are suitable for all chimpanzees. Each individual facility has it’s own enrichment guidelines, so it is critical that you follow the appropriate ones when creating new enrichment.

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