Enrichment Idea Submissions


We are interested in getting more enrichment ideas for our sanctuary and sharing those new ideas with others! If you would like to submit an enrichment idea (or add supplemental information to an already established post), please read the following page carefully.

Please submit the following information to us:

Item 1: Write a brief description of your idea
Item 2: Please detail the materials used to make your idea happen and the assembly instructions required. How much (approximately) would your idea cost? Please give us your educated guess.
Item 3: Please write instructions on how to use. For example, if your idea was raisin boards, you would write that we push raisins into the holes on the board and we lock them to the caging. We also give the chimpanzees chopstick tools to get the raisins out.
Item 4: Submit photos of your idea. Our photos for our site have a width of 8.2″ (590px; 72 resolution)
Item 5: Other supplemental information such as links to other sites or videos featuring your idea.

Please note! We cannot guarantee all ideas will be posted to our page. Please be patient with us as it may take some time to go through all of the submissions. Remember that by sending us photos, information, etc, you are giving us permission to post these materials online.

All questions and information can be emailed to enrichment@chimpsnw.org

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