Boomer Balls

December 4th, 2015 by Anna

Brief description: Rigid non-toxic plastic balls become food puzzles that can be manipulated so the chimpanzees must shake the treat through the hole (or holes) drilled in the ball’s side wall.

Materials: Pre-made Boomer Balls, Sizes and plastic durability vary. Purchase smaller balls depending on storage capabilities/budget.

Assembly instructions:
Drill one or more holes in the side of the ball. Hole sizes depend on the size of food being used in the balls. Smaller and fewer holes increase the difficulty of the puzzle.

How to use: Add treats such as nuts into the balls. Shredded paper can be added as well to increase difficulty.

$10+ per ball, depending on size and durability. Can be purchased from


Jody shakes the peanuts out of a large boomer ball.

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