Fire hose Knots

November 2nd, 2017 by Anna

Brief description: Small lengths of fire hose with food stuffed inside are tied in knots. The chimps have to untie the knots and figure out how to get the food out of the hose.

Materials: Fire hose! Can be varying widths. We use a medium width hose.

Assembly instructions: Cut fire hose into approximately 3 foot lengths. Pull out inner rubber tube and discard.

How to use: Add dry treats such as walnuts in the shell into the hose. Tie the hose in a knot, or add multiple knots, depending on the length and flexibility of the hose. You may want to start off with loose knots and do a demonstration so the chimpanzees learn how the puzzle works. You can adjust the level of difficulty by making tighter knots, using a longer hose, or a smaller food item.

Price: Free if using donated fire hose. Contact your local fire department to see if they have hose they can no longer use.

Latricia at Project Chimps. Photo Credit Project Chimps

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