Hanging PVC Pipe Puzzles

February 4th, 2016 by Anna

Brief description:

Materials: A 36″ length of of 2″ diameter hard PVC pipe, 2 (9″ long) eye bolts, 2 Nylock nuts, length of chain.

Assembly instructions:
Cut PVC tubing into 4 equal lengths(9″ each). Drill a hole on each end of the pipes matching the diameter of the eye bolt so it can be threaded through the pipes evenly on both ends. Drill larger 1 1/4″ holes and 7/8″ into the pipes (follow the pattern seen in the video). Thread the eye bolts through the pipe ends and secure using the nuts. Attach a short length of chain to the eye bolts for hanging.

How to use:
Put several nuts into puzzle, add crumpled paper into the tubes for additional challenge. Hang on outside of the caging using a lock.

Price: $15-$20

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