Interacting with Technology

December 10th, 2015 by Anna

Brief Description: Some primates enjoy interacting with items such as cameras, phones, and tablets through the caging.

Materials: Tablets, smartphones, cameras, etc. Durable cases are strongly recommended if you allow the primates to make contact with them or are concerned about them getting wet.

Assembly Instructions: No assembly required

How to Use: You can download simple applications that allow primates to interact with a phone or tablet’s touch screen. Apps may include drawing and playing music. Chimpanzees may also enjoy looking at themselves in the camera, seeing photos, or watching videos.

Cost: These items can be quite costly. Fortunately, many people have them, so it can be easy to share. Apps for Apes is a program working towards donating iPads for enriching captive apes.

Diana shows Jamie photos on an iPad.

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