Paper Towel Rolls

December 10th, 2015 by Anna

Brief description: Paper towel rolls filled with treats and paper can be put out as a forage or attached to the outside of caging. The chimpanzees must pull them through the caging before they get to open them.

Materials: empty paper towel rolls, strips of paper, raffia (optional),

Assembly instructions: If you are hanging the rolls, string a long piece of raffia (about 3 feet) through the empty paper towel roll. Then add a few strips of shredded paper into the paper towel roll. Add nuts/seeds/dried fruit and other forage items to the tube, then add more paper to prevent the food items from falling out. Continue doing this until each roll is full. If string is allowed in enrichment program, you can substitute string for raffia.

How to use: Use the raffia (or string if allowed) to tie each tube to the outside of caging.

Price: Free if using all recycled material

Paper towel rolls hanging on the front room caging.


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