December 10th, 2015 by Anna

Brief Description: Different types of paper can be added to enclosures to make for interesting nesting and play materials

Materials: Toilet paper rolls, paper towels, recycled packing paper, computer paper, magazines, newspaper, etc.

Assembly Instructions: No assembly required

How to Use: Set out piles of recycled paper for the chimpanzees to use as nesting material. If using toilet paper, string it around the enclosure and try leaving a roll partially intact for playing. Remove staples from magazines.

Cost: Free if using recycled paper. Toilet paper $5+ ,depending on amount purchased.

Jamie on toilet paper day.web_Jamie_walk_toilet_paper_enrichment_pr_dg_IMG_5889

Jamie makes a large nest out of paper and blankets.web_Jamie_lie_in_huge_nest_paper_blankets_boots_yawn_look_at_camera_PR_ek_IMG_8995


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