December 10th, 2015 by Anna

Brief description: Piñatas can be either handmade or store bought food puzzles for chimpanzees.

Materials: For homemade piñatas: Flour, water, salt, balloons, newspaper strips, shredded paper

Assembly instructions: Mix equal parts water and flour into a paste. Add salt to prevent mold. Dip newspaper strips into paste and remove excess paste with fingers. Apply strips to an inflated balloon until it is covered in a layer of paper (leave a small opening at the base of the balloon so it can be removed after it pops). Add several layers of pasted newspaper strips to the balloon until the walls become thick. The thicker the better, when making puzzles for chimpanzees. Let the balloon dry completely. Decorate to liking (following enrichment protocols). Pop balloon and remove completely from the inside of the piñata.

How to use: Fill piñata with shredded paper and desired enrichment treat. Seal it with more newspaper paste strips and let dry completely. For added challenge, hang piñatas outside the enclosure so chimpanzees must find a way to get them in the enclosure.

Price: Materials are very reasonable if purchased from your local grocery store. Use recycled newspaper. Prices for pre-made ones vary.

Foxie inspects the homemade Rubik’s Cube piñatas made for Missy’s birthday party.

Negra holds a beach ball piñata (purchased from Amazon) during a Summer Lovin’ party at the sanctuary.

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