PVC Tubes

November 19th, 2015 by Anna

Brief description: Tubes are a simple way to make a quick food puzzle. Chimpanzees can use tools to get food out of them.

Materials: 1” diameter PVC pipe, Small sticks such as chopsticks (PVC pipe diameter can vary slightly)

Assembly instructions: Cut PVC pipe into sections of 8-12 inches.

How to use: With a butter knife, smear peanut butter or other sticky food inside the full length of the pvc tubes. For a little extra, you can add small pieces of food such as sunflower seeds that will stick to the peanut butter. Freeze the tubes to make it even more challenging. Give each chimpanzees a chop stick or some sort of small tool to help get at the middle of the tube.

Price: $3-$5 for 10 feet of pipe. PVC pipe can be purchased at your local hardware
store or online retailer.

Foxie eats the applesauce she removed from her PVC tubes.

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