Raisin Boards

January 9th, 2016 by Anna

Brief description: Raisin boards are plastic boards with small raisin sized holes drilled in them. Chimpanzees must use tools to push out the raisins.

Materials: Trex composite decking, eye bolt, chain, fire hose

Assembly instructions:  Drill multiple raisin sized holes into piece of decking material, Attach eye bolt to the top of the board and attach a small length of chain to the bolt. Cover the chain with fire hose.

How to use: Raisins are pushed into each hole. Use a padlock to attach them to the inside and outside of the caging. Give each chimpanzee a tool to use (chop sticks work great).

Price: Approximately $7 per board.

Jamie uses a chopstick as a tool for removing raisins from her board.


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