Treat Mound

January 7th, 2016 by Anna

Brief description: This device is intended to simulate a termite mound (like those found in Africa with free-living chimpanzees). In the wild, chimpanzees use sticks to fish out termites. In captivity, most chimpanzees don’t enjoy termites as a forage item, so alternatives such as peanut butter and mashed bananas are used in the mound.

Materials and Assembly instructions: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest based its termite mound on this plan from the Honolulu Zoo.

How to use: Put sticky treats in the PVC tubes and attach into the treat mound. Lock the treat mound so the chimps don’t have direct access to the tubes. Provide tools so the chimpanzees can fish into the mound.

Cost: $500 to $5,000, depending on size of structure and materials used.

Missy fishes in the treat mound on Young’s Hill.

There are endless possibilities and cheaper ways of making a similar puzzle. Check out this treat board by the Rockhampton Zoo:

And this one from the Fauna Foundation

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